Entry Form

I declare that I am liable for damages that may cause to persons and objects during the participation in this regatta. I respect the rules of Fiumanka and Sailing Instructions. By signing and entering personal data in the application form I give consent to the organizers of the regatta for their use for the purpose of creating the database of registered participants and the processing of results as well as for marketing purposes (sending notices, offers and promotional materials of the organizer of the regatta and related affairs, marketing activities and market analysis ). This statement may be withdrawn at any time, so it will be considered that you are still unaware of the use and processing of your personal information for the foregoing purposes. The statement is withdrawn by sending a short notice to the e-mail

The regatta organizers hereby warrant that your personal information will be used in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act with the application of appropriate technical and security measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, misuse, detection, loss or destruction. The regatta organizers protect the privacy of the regatta participant and website visitors, maintain the confidentiality of personal data and provide access to and disclosure of personal data only when they are needed to optimize the database, and to third parties only in cases expressly provided by law.

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