Despite all the challenges, the 22nd Fiumanka was sailed!

Rijeka and its port have once again become a meeting place for many sailors at the international sailing event, which in the northernmost Adriatic bay, from year to year brings together an increasing number of sailboats and sailors. Fiumanka is a Rijeka and Croatian sailing holiday with the motto "You have a boat, you have a sail, sign up!", And this year everyone, from great cruisers to participants in the family regatta, obviously wanted sailing, socializing and fun.

Namely, at this year's 22nd Fiumanka, the number of registered boats surprised the organizers themselves. As many as 168 boats started exactly at noon from the starting line at the entrance to the port of Rijeka, and due to light wind and the decision of the Race Committee, the regatta route was shortened, so the regatta group and family group sailed the same route - to the mark in Kostrena and back to the finish in the port of Rijeka.

It was challenging to sail this Saturday - because bonaca is one of the biggest challenges, said many competitors, especially those in the regatta group. And there was very strong competition in it this year - the fiercest since the Rijeka regatta. Maxi Jena MM was the first to turn the buoy near Kostrena this year with the new owner and skipper Miloš Radonjić from Montenegro and 19 crew members. The turning time of the first buoy was 13:33:50, and they kept a good run until the very end and were the first to enter the finish line with a time of 15:03:24. "We hoped for a victory, but we did not expect it because the competition was quite strong. The first three boats on the last Barcolana were on the Fiumanka today - that says how important this regatta is to us sailors. There was a lack of wind, but these conditions in Rijeka's waters are actually ideal for our boat ", said Miloš Radonjić, skipper of the 24-meter Maxi Jene MM and added that he praises the organization of this year's Fiumanka because of which they feel at home in Rijeka every year.

After Maxi Jena MM, Portopiccolo Prossecco from Italy entered the finish line, the third was the Rijeka team on board the Molo longo TuttaTrieste and led by Rajko Kujundžić, the fourth Slovenian Generali with skipper Svan Žvan and Slovenian Adriatic Europe with skipper Dušan Puh.

The value of Fiumanka was also recognized by its sponsors and patrons who sailed with Fiumanka this year as well and achieved notable results, so INA, Fiumanka's golden sponsor, was third in its group. In these challenging times, sponsors and partners stayed with the Rijeka regatta, determined to send a common message about the importance of cooperation, support and preserving the continuity of traditional events such as Fiumanka.

The sailors of the family group are the heart and soul of the Rijeka regatta and have been with Fiumanka from the very beginning - more than two decades. These are crews with literally all generations, so it is such an interesting fact that the youngest member of the crew of this year's Fiumanka is only three years old, while the oldest participant of Fiumanka is 85 years old. The youngest crew of this year's regatta was the crew of the ship Aurelia - the average age of this six-member team from Bezjaki is only 20 years, and they were led by skipper Marko Novak. The Rijeka regatta has been sailing since the youngest feet, and the participants of the family route have strength and will, so in situations when there is a sea of ​​bonaca, they bring good mood, socializing and fun on their boats to the Rijeka regatta. It’s not important to win, it’s important to participate - it’s their motto, and at Fiumanka - and have fun.

This year, the media also sailed on Saturday, as part of the great Fiumanka. For the 15th year in a row, six media crews competed in the traditional media regatta: HRT, HR RADIO RIJEKA, NOVI LIST, NOVINET.HR, NOVI LIST and NOVA TV. After a long fight in the Rijeka waters, the HRT team was the first to cross the finish line, the NOVA TV team was the second, and the third was NOVINET.HR - regional info network.

The program of the 22nd Fiumanka continues on Sunday, June 13, when the 1st SUP regatta Fiumanka will be held in the organization of the VOP Sup Team and with the support of the Rijeka Sports Association, the City of Rijeka and Fiumanka's organizing team. The competition will be held in the waters of the Rijeka passenger port in the categories FUN, ELITE and children's regatta, and more than 40 competitors have registered. From 13 pm, there will be a presentation of rowing in the Port of Rijeka, organized by VK Jadran and the Rijeka Sports Association, and on Sunday, the Square under the starry sky of Rijeka on the Square of the 128th HV Brigade.

Although the times we are in are still extremely challenging for the organization of such events, the organizers of the 22nd Fiumanka are satisfied with this year's Rijeka regatta and thank all participants, visitors, sponsors and partners who made it possible for the 22nd edition of Fiumanka to once again present Rijeka. in her most beautiful attire — facing the sea, embraced by the sails, filled with a good atmosphere. All this hints at the good future of the international sailing regatta and its 23rd edition next year!


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