Reportage Fiumanka 2020.

Behind us is another report produced by Fiumanka's team with the support of HRT, through which we tried to tell the story of everything that marked this year's regatta. It’s a long tradition, almost as much as Fiumanka itself, which we started 21 years ago with Canal Ri. It’s not any expensive production because we don’t have the space for it, but we have our team and people willing to always do more and better. There were better and worse years and the same kind of movies. With the technical organization of the regatta, over the years we learned how to write the script, offs, record announcements, work out a good shooting plan, how many of us need to be on the ground to cover land and sea and record as many special moments and personal impressions. Last year we started with live broadcasts, and this year, thanks to Novinet, we further improved them. All this happens in the days before and during the weekend of Fiumanka, and after it, the material is inspected and edited and eagerly awaits broadcast. So, when next year you see people running along the waterfront with cameras and microphones, passing by you in speedboats, if they intercept you and ask for a statement, then don't mind… because a film is being made, about you, us, about the regatta… Thank you to everyone who participated and helped us make another Fiumanka happen and another movie about her!

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