With the bora and bonaca sailed the 21st Fiumanka!

With a dramatic announcement prepared by the weather on Friday and Saturday until the start, the 21st Fiumanka sailed in completely different conditions. The rain stopped, but the wind also fell, so by the decision of the regatta committee, the regatta route was shortened and everyone drove the family route to the mark in Kostrena and back to the finish in the port of Rijeka. Of the 130 online applications received, 111 took over the start numbers, but not all managed to break through to the start.

As expected, the Slovenian EWOL crew, led by skipper Gašper Vinčec, entered the finish line first, after an hour, 14 minutes and 17 seconds. They thus defended the title of last year's winner, and said that Fiumanka is one of the regattas in which they gladly participate every year.

After them, Molo longo entered the finish line second with skipper Rajko Kujundžić from Rijeka. The third place went to the ship Damaco, and the fourth place was won by ACI's ClubSwan36, whose helm was the celebrated Croatian sailor Ivan Kljaković-Gašpić.

After them, media crews began to reach the finish line - the first place was won by, a network that brings together the portals,,,, and Novi list came in second, and third place went to HRT, which is also the co-organizer of the media regatta this year. HR-Radio Rijeka entered the finish line fourth, and Kanal Ri was in fifth place.

The value of Fiumanka was also recognized by its sponsors and patrons, who sailed with Fiumanka this year as well and achieved notable results. We especially thank them for staying with the Rijeka regatta in these challenging times, determined to send a common message about the importance of cooperation, support and preservation of the continuity of traditional events such as Fiumanka. The longest-running - gold sponsor INA at the 21st Fiumanka won an excellent sixth place, and for almost two decades has continuously supported Fiumanka and strives in times marked by pandemic and economic crisis, to actively participate and support local projects. The long-time silver sponsor of Erste Bank also sailed with Fiumanka this year with the aim of supporting a project that strongly affirms the love of sailing. We also thank the new partner and sponsor TELE2 who entered into a partnership with Fiumanka despite unpredictable times.

This year, too, most sailors took part in the family group, and the fastest boat from the family group was the DJ boat with helmsman Matija Reljanović and six crew members from the Opatija Yacht Club Croatia.

The sailors of the family group are the heart and soul of the Rijeka regatta and have been with Fiumanka from the very beginning - more than two decades. These are the crews on which literally all generations are. One of the youngest participants, he is also the helmsman of the team from the Sailing Club Galeb from Kostrena and is only 12 years old. This is proof that the Rijeka regatta Fiumanka has its future, so we can certainly announce and invite you to the next one - the 22nd Fiumanka!

Until then, we are enjoying the first photos of this year's 21st Fiumanka from the lens of Dean Miculinić:

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