Notice of move of term 21. Fiumanke

Dear participants, friends, partners,
with many other events, for the first time in its history, Fiumanka will not be held in its regular term - the second Saturday in June…
With the hope and confidence that all this with the coronavirus will soon be behind us, Fiumanka, in agreement with our partners and the accompanying events, will move to the last weekend in September, from 24. to 27. September 2020, when the Rijeka Nautic Show takes place in its regular term in Rijeka and, like the Fiumanka, the Homo si teć street race was transferred. If all of us had a good time together, it could be another Rijeka weekend to remember, filled with sports, fun and positives.
What we can provide with content, what will happen by September, is no longer predictable and we will have to adjust to the possibilities. What we can promise, we will do our best to keep Fiumanka alive and stay as it was, free and open to anyone who wants to participate. And that is what is good about Fiumanka and that inspires optimism - if you have a boat, a sail and good will, we need nothing else to meet at sea, sail and hang out. We wish you all good health and look forward to all future sailboat meetings!

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