20. Fiumanka - the winner is EWOL!

The XNUMXth Fiumanka is finished. The port of Rijeka was filled with almost XNUMX sailing boats - the scene we see each year when it comes to Fiumanka, a scene that shows the city of Rijeka and its bay in the most beautiful way possible.

Almost two decades past since the first Fiumanka started. It was the end of last century, in year 2000. when a manifestation has been launched and which had turned into a enormous sports event and became a recognizable symbol of the city in Rječina. For the past XNUMX years, Fiumanka has been gathering people who are in love with the sea and whose primary goal is to enjoy the true pleasure of sailing. People who joined Fiumanka this year became one big family. There is the old sailors saying "Navigare neccesses est", and the sailors made it happen once again this year in Kvarner for the twentieth time. And despite the lack of wind, because when Fiumanka is in question - it starts regardless of everything.

In 20th Fiumanka 181 sailing boat had participated, and although the wind was weak, exactly at noon on GPS time, the regatta had started. Immediately at the beginning, the fastest and strongest ships managed to catch a good swing. The leading one through the whole race was EWOL (Way Of Life). The Slovenian crew justified their name - because sailing is literally a way of life, and they have presented this with their sailing on Fiumanka this year.
To make the regatta even more interesting, this year the race course for the regatta group was changed, and the family group and the traditional group remained on the same course as in the previous years. This year Fiumanka sailed in three categories and three routes, and in its 20. edition had a tense and uncertain fight for the title of the first and the fastest because the competition in the racing group was really strong. The crew of EWOL (Way of Life) with the experienced Gašper Vinčec defended the last year's title, reaching the target with time 15:59.

Second place, with time 16:09, won the "Adriatic Europe" sailing boat, with the legend of Slovenian sailing and a longtime participant of Fiumanka Dušan Puh. He took part in Fiumanka many times and won in 2004.. with the Veliki Viharnik sailboat.

Third place won the crew of Molo longo Tutta Trieste thanx to their experienced pilot Rajko Kujundžić who was ready for all challenges. Fourth place won Barraonda with Lucci Promdent. In family group the first one was Reful III, boat from Kraljevica with Mitja Velenić. Also, the second regatta of EMSR was held and the overall winner after two days is RTV SLO. The second place was taken by Nova TV and the third by HRT. Further results can be found on the Fiumanka web site.

Fiumanka has become an unavoidable meeting place for yachtsmen, media and businessmen. Thanks to its media sails, it has gone far beyond the national boundaries and has become one of the leading nautical events. Because sailing is more than a sport, and Fiumanka is more than a regatta and thanks to its unique approach to the organization, the Rijeka regatta has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading nautical events in terms of attractiveness, number of participants and international recognizability.

Fiumanka is one of the few, if not the only great regatta that is completely free! Not only that, anyone who has ever sailed to Fiuman has taken the T-shirt with him as a memoir of participation, and Rijeka has always welcomed open ports and hearts as a good host, providing all participants free berth and hospitality after the race.
Except that this year Fiuman will write and talk to its media sponsors, you could follow the regatta directly via live streaming on Fiumanka's Facebook page, which even had eight cameras realized by an experienced and proven Rijeka team from the Pro-Rec production, which realizes some of the biggest projects in the County of Primorje-Gorski Kotar, and showed their skills in the live 20 stream. Fiumanka. Thanks to A1, a Fiumanka partner who has enabled live streaming, the staff of Rijeka visited the world.

Our Kvarner may not be one of the most famous sailing destinations, but we still have a regatta with which many sailors will be proud of. There are no expensive and prestigious awards in Fiumanki, nobody is sailing for money.

Their retirement age was only 25, and they sailed on the ship seven. The fiercest and oldest participant of Fiumanko Anton Šestan, who is sailing on Fiumanka with Costabella and Rijeka races every year without exception, and 85 is only one year old, is rewarded by the affirmed Rijeka artist Tihomir Ivancan for only this occasion and the jubilant 20 . Fiumanku painted the canvas with the motifs of the Rijeka regatta in his wish that his work be a reward and a reminder of the days of socializing and sailing in the Gulf of Rijeka.

The organizers of Fiumanka are pleased to have organized another Fiumanka, in their are already in preparation for the next one, which will take place in Rijeka - the European Capital of Culture for 2020.

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