20th Fiumanka started: Welcome to the weekend of sailing and good fun!

On the first day of 20. Fiumanka Rijeka port has hosted a large number of arrived sailboats. Thanks to the Port Authority Rijeka, from 1. to 10. June 2019. free of charge is available to all Fiumanka participants who have full registration for the regatta.

Adria4Blue was organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce - Rijeka Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Kingdom of Norway. The event is dedicated to the Blue Economy and Sustainable Development and is held in Rijeka, from 6. to 7. June 2019. years. The conference section will be held in the beautiful ambiance of the port of Rijeka, within the 20 program. Fiumanka shows that the regatta attracts a large number of business people from Europe and the world to Rijeka.

There is also a regatta office located at the Terminal, where you can apply for a regatta. At 19, the opening of an exhibition by the versatile artist Tonka Alujević "From sails under the sailboat" to BuRa DesignStore, and then the humanitarian concert of the LP Rock association at Botela Marina from 20 hours, is planned.

With the beautiful and unique scenes of the port of Rijeka, we invite you to 20. Fiumanku - come to us!

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