Numerous competitors on the family group

We are especially delighted with the growing number of online sign-ups from the family group that is the true heart and soul of Fiumanka. There is no better scenery than when you sail a boat that sails for several generations of a family who enjoys sailing. Or a group of friends who came to have fun. It is a great pleasure to compete with each other as well as a joint start and a goal with the greatest ones. For sailing, and so is Fiumanka, the way and philosophy of life in the seafront.

It has been twenty years since Fiumanka River first developed its sails and has been gathering for two decades with people of love and whose primary goal is to enjoy the true pleasure of sailing on their boats. People who will be reunited on Fiumanka on a big family with common affiliation to the sea. If Kvarner lives in Fiumana, there is a growing number of participants in the family regatta. Every year at the Rijeka regatta between almost 200 sailing boats, the most numerous are those family routes.

They are the heart and soul of Fiumanka because they show that sailing is not just sport but a way of life. Being a part of Fiumanka for many family traditions is a day that does not miss because Fiuman is coming to all families and literally for all generations - and show once more every year that the beauty of sailing is in the sea, in the wind and waves, or simply by enjoying the bonuses , but with socializing, song and good mood.

But they do not miss the competition racket! And on the family's route the sailboats boast boldly with themselves, and a strained battle every year also takes place on bats at ┼Żurkov. But no matter who wins the win, the casualties of the Rijeka regatta are reminiscent of days, because families, colleagues, acquaintances, but also the new friends who join Fiumanka, prove that sailing entails fellowship and optimism in every new Fiumanka. It is the most important part of the family regattas to sail and enjoy, to meet friends who may not have seen for a long time, and that is exactly the true beauty of Fiumanka that is far away from the lens and its true value is not visible to the eye - but to the heart.

The sun was waiting impatiently to start preparing for the regatta. Works are being up-to-date, team assembled and tracked the weather forecast. Will it be wind, the question is all the questions. But whatever it is, the saying goes sailing the sea, which proves year after year. Our Kvarner may not be one of the most famous sailing destinations, but we still have a regatta with which many sailors will be proud of.

That is why these fans of sailing and enthusiasts participating in the family regatta deserve special attention. There are no expensive and prestigious prizes at Fiumanki, no one is sailing for money, nor the money is a condition of participation, so there are also such awards: PIK Rijeka has prepared a gift package for five family crews that will be selected according to different criteria but not related to who is the fastest and the biggest one. The fiercest and oldest participant of Fiumanka, the one who comes to the Rijeka Regatta every year without exception, will award the affirmed Rijeka artist Tihomir Ivancan, who is only for this occasion and the jubilant 20. Fiumanku painted the canvas with the motifs of the Rijeka regatta in his wish that his work be a reward and a reminder of the days of socializing and sailing in the Gulf of Rijeka.

For the sea, once he casts his mind, he keeps a man forever in a network of wonders, says one saying, and who once comes to Fiuman, each year rejoices with joy and proudly wears the Fiumanka T-shirt, which is received by every participant of the regatta all these years became a trademark of Rijeka and a memorial to the Rijeka weekend of sailing, fun and socializing. And that is the wealth that Rijeka regatta wants to leave in its legacy - love for the sea and sailing and the spirit of communion in the town that sails.

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